Laura Raggini, Style Advisor

My personal style signifier is a black eyeliner flick, I feel naked if I go out without it.

The last thing I bought and loved was a black cashmere jumper from Loulou studio, the Pemba. It is cosy, soft and warm, and looks amazing.

I have a lot of early fashion memories. Both my grannies were seamstresses and my mum loves to sew too, so I remember going around the house and seeing all these tins of Danish biscuits and opening them only to find needles, threads and buttons in them!

My style icon are stars from the 30s/40s, like Billie Holiday or Marlene Dietrich. I love that kind of dramatic shoulders and tailored lines, and the revolutionary idea of trousers for women taking over.

Before I joined Costume I used to work as an architect. I studied architecture as a starting point to get into fashion, and then got “stuck” in the profession for a few years. Even though it was not the right career for me, it gave me a good base to better understand proportions and colours. After all, fashion is architecture for the human body!

My three favourite pieces from this season are 1. The Metina blouse from Isabel Marant, it’s such a classic piece from Isabel, a good cotton shirt with classy embroidery throughout. 2. The Bobi S in Raisin by Jerome Dreyfuss. The deep wine kind of red is my favourite colour, and the leather of this bag has some shine to it. 3. The Stalactite Chance earrings: golden hoops are a must for me, and these are classic ones with a contemporary twist!

The podcast Im listening to is Morgana, a podcast about famous women and their history. Every episode is about a different revolutionary woman that changed the rules in her own field. Utterly inspiring!

The best book Ive read this year is The New Nomads, an essay about why and how people move around the world for work or environmental reasons, and the consequences of working remotely.