Caroline Grace, Style Advisor

Caroline Grace

My personal style signifier is the absence of colour. I’ve a distinctly limited colour palette when it comes to clothing. I am most comfortable when shrouded in (varying shades of) black.

The last thing I bought and loved was Isabel Marant’s Ladeira Dress, a beautiful crepe layered piece, with lace inserts and an asymmetric hem. 

My earliest fashion memory is a fluorescent green tracksuit, with faux suspender detail stitched on to the top, complete with puff-effect illustration. It was the height of fashion in the late ‘80s. I was dead cool. I swear. 

The best gift I’ve ever given is *clears throat: Myself. I surprised my family in New Zealand one April when they weren’t expecting me home. Reliving the utter delight, shock, and sheer confusion on their faces as I was snared creeping up the path to the front door is something I’ll never forget. One’s presence, is the best present. 

My style icon is Poly Styrene from X-Ray Spex.

With time on my hands I gain an education on every species of dinosaur from my very enthusiastic five-year-old, Art, future palaeontologist. 

Before I joined Costume I worked in costume (!) - wardrobing for theatre, film, and general hire. 

My three favourite pieces this season are Preen’s Cate Dress, Isabel Marant’s Luido boots, and Nach French bulldog earrings.

My favourite place in Dublin is currently Blessington Basin. It’s now a staple part of my aimless wanderings toward Phibsborough. 

The podcast I’m listening to is The Sad Bastard. The host, Dave is a very dear friend of mine, he initially started with a Nick Cave-based meme account on Instagram, and has branched out to discuss his own mental health struggles, and offer “unqualified (but very much solicited)” advice to his followers. 

The best book I’ve read this year is Everyday Drinking by Kingsley Amis. I reread it during this year’s first lockdown, hilariously apt.

The garment that gets the most wear in my wardrobe is a long black Vivetta skirt, with an embroidered peplum detail of two faces in profile. 

An indulgence I could never give up is Harry’s Nut Butter. I’ve recently become addicted to it. I cannot stop now.

The one destination I can’t wait to return to is Samoa. My mother grew up on the islands, and I have such good memories from my time there. The culture is so rich in ceremony, dance, and song. It’s wonderful. My slice of heaven.

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