Caroline Grace, Style Advisor

My personal style signifier is the absence of colour. I’ve a distinctly limited colour palette when it comes to clothing. I am most comfortable when shrouded in (varying shades of) black.

My earliest fashion memory is a fluorescent green tracksuit, with faux suspender detail stitched on to the top, complete with puff-effect illustration. It was the height of fashion in the late ‘80s. I was dead cool. I swear. 

Before I joined Costume I worked in costume (!) - wardrobing for theatre, film, and general hire. 

My favourite place in Dublin is currently Blessington Basin. It’s now a staple part of my aimless wanderings toward Phibsborough. 

The garment that gets the most wear in my wardrobe is a long black Vivetta skirt, with an embroidered peplum detail of two faces in profile. 

The one destination I can’t wait to return to is Samoa. My mother grew up on the islands, and I have such good memories from my time there. The culture is so rich in ceremony, dance, and song. It’s wonderful. My slice of heaven.

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