Carmen Manson, Style Advisor

My personal style revolves around accessories. I love layering jewellery and wearing fab earrings. I also have a thing for scarves. You can never have enough...

My earliest fashion memory is a black studded belt that I thought was so cool. I wish I still had it.

I don't really have a style icon. I wear clothes that feel good on and make me happy. 

With time on my hands I like running, swimming in the sea, spending time with family and eating out.

My favourite place in Dublin is swimming out at the 40ft in Sandycove.

An indulgence I could never give up is going away every September with great friends. Best weekend of the year.

The one destination I can't wait to return to is Spain with my family. Being half Spanish I feel like I'm home when I arrive to Spain. I love just walking around and seeing people out with their families and enjoying the simple things like eating together and talking. As a family have a huge affinity with Spain.

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