Carmen Manson, Style Advisor

Carmen Manson

My personal style revolves around accessories. I love layering jewellery and wearing fab earrings. I also have a thing for scarves. You can never have enough...

The last thing I bought and loved was a pair of Bobby sneakers from Isabel Marant. They were really popular a while back and I'm glad I have them now when less people are wearing them.

My earliest fashion memory is a black studded belt that I thought was so cool. I wish I still had it.

The best gift I've ever given is a framed map of the world to my husband for his 30th. The kids get great enjoyment out of it now.

I don't really have a style icon. I wear clothes that feel good on and make me happy. 

With time on my hands I like running, swimming in the sea, spending time with family and eating out.

Before I joined Costume I travelled and lived in different countries.

My three favourite pieces from this season are Jerome Dreyfuss handbags, Isabel Marant silk blouse and Marie Laure Chamorel jewellery.

My favourite place in Dublin is swimming out at the 40ft in Sandycove.

The best book I've read this year is The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri. It was a family’s and the hardship they went through. I was touched by their resilience and the power of love. 

The garment I get most wear out of is a black Yves Salomon gilet. It's luxurious and goes with everything.

An indulgence I could never give up is going away every September with great friends. Best weekend of the year.

The one destination I can't wait to return to is Spain with my family. Being half Spanish I feel like I'm home when I arrive to Spain. I love just walking around and seeing people out with their families and enjoying the simple things like eating together and talking. As a family have a huge affinity with Spain.

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