Anne Tucker, Co-Owner of Costume

I have a lot of early fashion memories. My parents both worked in the fashion industry so went on buying trips together to Paris where my mum would buy us clothes. One of her famous lines when showing us what she had brought home was 'all the french girls are wearing it'. My mum was and is super glamorous, I remember sitting on her bed watching her get ready to go out for dinner with my dad thinking they were the most stylish & handsome couple in the world. 

My style icon is my good friend Susan Hunter, she is effortlessly cool, never contrived. She picks everything she buys because she loves it, and then in turn wears everything she loves.

With time on my hands I spend time with my kids. That might sound obvious, but they are getting older and doing their own thing so without making a plan to do something together, time goes by and we don't see each other. The luxury of working in a family business is that we understand that we work to live, not live to work, family time is precious. 

My favourite place in Dublin is Howth, without a doubt, there is no place like it, it's where my heart is. 

The podcast Im listening to is The Business of Hype with Sarah Andelman of Colette Paris - this is the most wonderful insight into the inner workings of the fascinating store in Paris. Colette opened the same year as Costume and was also a family business.

The one destination I cant wait to return to is Antibes. I went on my first girls holiday since I've had kids two years ago to Antibes, such a stunning place, I cannot wait to return.

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